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Bear-Themed Taco Bell Heist in Orlando: How DOT Fence Can Keep Your Home Safe

December 20, 20231 min read

An Unusual Taco Bell Fan

Residents of Longwood, a suburb of Orlando, were recently treated to an unexpected sight: a hefty black bear, weighing between 300 to 400 pounds, embarked on an impromptu Taco Bell feast. Captured on a Ring camera, this bear didn't just satisfy its hunger; it even returned for the soda!

Bear on pourch

The Importance of Securing Your Property

This amusing yet startling incident highlights a crucial aspect of home security: protecting your porch from wildlife intruders. While fencing in a front porch isn't practical, DOT Fence emphasizes the importance of secure fencing around your property. Not only does it keep deliveries safe, but it also protects your family from unexpected wildlife encounters.

Rising Bear Encounters: A Nationwide Concern

Bear encounters in residential areas are on the rise, from lasagna thefts in Minnesota to burger burglaries at Tennessee barbecues. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service strongly advises against feeding bears or leaving food within their reach.

Department of the Fence: Your Partner in Wildlife Defense

At DOT Fence, we understand the importance of securing your home against such wild intruders. Our fencing solutions are designed with quality, modern aesthetics, and customer satisfaction in mind, ensuring a safe and secure perimeter for your property.

Fenced in home

Bear-Proofing Your Home with DOT Fence

Ready to safeguard your home against bears and other wildlife? Visit dotfence.com to explore how our robust fencing options can protect your home and deliveries from these unexpected guests.

Stay Safe and Secure

Remember, while the bear's Taco Bell heist might seem amusing, it's a serious reminder of the importance of home security. Protect your family and property with DOT Fence's reliable solutions.

👉 We'd love to hear your thoughts and any wildlife encounters you've experienced. Share in the comments and stay safe!

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